About Us

Our beginnings go back to 1962 when Adrian Brewer, FLOAT a BOAT’s founder, received his first professional commission – a sailing model of a six-metre class yacht. Many more yachts followed and over a number of years we concentrated solely on the design and construction of competition model racing yachts under the business name of ‘Spectrum Design’. To date, boats to our designs have won 16 Australian National Championships, numerous State and Club Championships, as well as National wins or top places in U.S.A., England, Scandinavia and Europe. This success put our boats in great demand. In the late 1970’s, a wider field of model boating activities was presenting itself, so in 1981 we changed our name to FLOAT a BOAT to better reflect this greater variety.
For over 30 years, we were full-time professional ship modellers, constructing both static and working models for Museums, Collectors and those involved in competition sailing. The business grew to the point of establishing a comprehensive retail section, providing for the maritime hobbyist at all levels and within all branches of Sail and Scale modelling. The retail side of the business has experienced amazing growth and now demands all our time. As a result, we no longer have time for the construction and repair/restoration of models.

Our first retail outlet was a showroom adjacent to our workshops but in 1999 we moved into a shop within a shopping precinct at Camberwell in response to our customer’s requests, and this has proven to be a great success for both ourselves and our many customers. Due to our rapid growth and an increasing lack of shop space, FLOAT a BOAT moved to larger premises in Ringwood at the beginning of 2006.