There are many reasons why people wish to discover information about a particular ship. The problem is that so many don’t know where to start searching for the information they require.

Over the years, many people have asked Float.a.Boat to sort out their research problems, and in lots of cases, to document a ship to enable a model to be constructed. Some of these models are built by the customer and some are commissioned from our own workshops.

We have developed a very extensive world-wide network of contacts who assist us with our research. All are experts in their respective fields with extensive networks of their own.

If we are certain that no archival material exists on a particular vessel, we can then do a reconstruction based on the known data, and produce sets of plans accordingly.

We get lots of requests from boat owners wanting models of their own vessels but they are unable to get lines drawings of the hull. We can take the lines off the full size vessel if required, or if 100% accuracy is not desired, we are able to work up a lines drawing from good photos taken from various angles. Although it can’t be perfect, we can get it very close !!

One client wanted to model the Q.E. II as she appeared after a recent refit but could not obtain drawings. He gave us tons of photos and hours of video and we prepared a set of drawings of the refit based on drawings of the ship we already had on file.

The model was eventually photographed in the newspaper with the Q.E. II Captain when the ship was on a visit to Melbourne. He was reported as saying it was the most accurate model of the ship he had seen. Comments like that make all the hard work worthwhile as well as for a very pleased and satisfied client.

We just love a challenge!