It seems that in our day and age, people are always requiring a gift for some special occasion. Our shop has a constant stream of buyers seeking something special for someone with nautical interests, and with our wide range there is something for all tastes and budgets.


We always have a variety of quality showcase models in stock. Each model is hand made and scratch built from plans. None are built from kits, therefore authenticity is assured as far as detailed research allows. All models are cased and mounted on blue or green baize covered bases.

As our stock is constantly moving you will need to contact us to know the current models we have for sale at any particular time.
The following are examples of models we have stocked.

‘RIP’ Victorian Pilot Schooner
‘ENTERPRIZE’ Topsail Schooner connected with the founding of Melbourne.
‘TOPSAIL SCHOONER’ New South Wales coastal sail trader named “Gipsy”.
‘SPANISH GALLEON” Armada period.
“GOLDEN HIND’ Armada period.
‘WHITBREAD 60” Modern racing yacht.

There is always a wide range of decorative models in stock, ranging from reproduction pond yachts in a number of sizes through a variety of sailing vessels, to powered vessels such as tugs, mahogany runabouts and a selection of row boats and canoes. These models are not cased (although many are boxed) and are not necessarily true to scale. They are, howerver, selected by us as a good representation of type. We can of course case these models if you wish.

These items are new reproductions of ships fittings or nautical ephemera. We do not sell second hand or antique items.
We stock such things as -
Ships Wheels - teak and brass
Engine Room Telegraphs
Ships clock and barometer sets - polished brass
Sextants - polished brass in teak case
Tinder Boxes - brass
Bosuns calls

Compass - different varieties
Life-ring mirrors
Book-ends - featuring such things as yachts, lighthouses, antique globes, etc.
Lighthouses - a big variety in detailed resin, brass and 24 ct. gold plate.
Keyrings - brass wheels, lamps, anchors, shackles, etc.

Float - a - Boat prides itself in the fine artwork we have in stock We carry framed prints by some of the best known artists in the world, such as John Allcott, Montague Dawson and Steven Dews. We stock a good range of original watercolours by Lance Ross as well as signed and numbered Limited Edition prints.
As an alternative, you may prefer a beautifully mounted scale half - model. These are available in a range of standard designs of famous craft, or our workshops can construct special orders assuming lines drawings can be provided.