There are two areas available to the person who wishes to become involved in this most satisfying activity - static models and working models.

Static models are non-working representations of particular vessels and can be very simple or extremely complex.
The majority of ship modellers start by building from a commercial kit, either in plastic or timber. The range available today is huge and covers all skill levels from beginner to expert, as well as a wide variety of modelling subjects.

Working models are as the name suggests and many builders fit their models with radio control. Once again they can be quite simple or very complex with all sorts of working functions. Many of these modellers are members of clubs devoted to the building and running of these models and they often enter competitions of varying types.

Powered models can operate with electric motors, steam engines and internal combustion engines, although Float.a.Boat does not deal with the latter type of propulsion.
Sailing models use the wind in exactly the same way as their full-size counterparts.

Float-a-Boat stocks Australia’s most complete range of equipment and fittings for the R/C Boat enthusiast and we are happy to assist and advise in all things maritime.