After many years as professional model ship builders, we have accumulated a formidable array of fibreglass moulds, from which we can mould hulls for the scratch builder.

Most types of vessels are represented, as well as yachts to all the competition classes and some fun yachts as well.
We were fortunate in the year 2000 to be able to purchase the collection of moulds, along with the timber patterns of the H.D.M. Models company. Many of their ship models are in museum collections around the country. There are 20 moulds in the collection and are of Australian ships. Most are to large scales and the patterns were originally made in the pattern shop of the old Naval Dockyard at Williamstown in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The workmanship is fabulous and extremely accurate, all being built on the ‘bread and butter’ or ‘lift’ method.

We are researching these vessels and our drafting office will prepare accurate general arrangement drawings before we release this collection.

All our scale ship and yacht hulls come complete with detailed drawings.