Our workshops have a constant workload of new construction work and repair and restorations,running hand in hand with moulding fibreglass hulls for sale in our shop.

New work covers showcase static models of historic vessels or of a customer's own pleasure craft. Our working models have long had a good reputation with many competition successes.
We also restore and repair old or damaged models, many of which have been in families for many years. Other repairs have been to builders models owned by shipping companies.

No two boats are ever the same and it is interesting and challenging work.

Allied to the construction work is our research and consultation services, usually concluding in the production of plans of a particular ship. Our research library is very extensive and is linked with hundreds of reference shipyard plans in our drawing files. After 40 years of this sort of work, we have developed an extensive network of researchers and naval historians all over the world who we can call on to assist with the strangest and most obscure queries.